Monday, April 13, 2015

Prep Your Property Early for Summer

Summer may be slightly over the horizon, but for people who manage vacation rentals, such a season is worth looking forward to especially when your place is a favorite vacation spot. If you have a property you want to lease out to interested vacationers this summer, there are a number of handy ways you can do to ensure the place is tenant-worthy.

The Bedroom

The effort to making your guests-to-be comfortable in your place starts out at the bedrooms. First things first, strip away the existing linens and current mattresses; a dead giveaway is when the foam appears flat and too creaky. Invest in linens that are at least 400 count for extra durability and comfort, and pair them with new memory-foam mattresses. The pillows and their covers will also need “successors,” as well as worn lampshades. 

For bathroom amenities, invest in liquid bathing items such as body wash, soap, and shampoo. This reduces the need to scrape off soap bars caked in the bath area holders.    

General cleaning 

Nothing excites tenants more than seeing an immaculately clean place. You can make it happen by hiring a local professional cleanup team to work over the interior and reception area. Consider slapping a fresh coat of paint on the outside. For the kitchen, you can dispose of old utensils and dinnerware and replace them with new sets. Make sure the plumbing and HVAC systems are in good condition.

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